Why Do Bad Things Happen?

I am hoping to take a family trip to California this summer and have started researching locations to visit, places to stay and things to do.  In the midst of researching stops along the Pacific Coast Highway, one of the travel videos mentioned Reality Church, which peaked my interest and I started following a Google, YouTube and Vimeo trail which eventually led to blogs and videos about Daisy Love Merrick.

And then I found this video by her dad:  When Sparrows Fall.

Wow.  So beautiful and such a powerful message; not about the question of why there is suffering in the world, but about who is with us in our suffering.

For anyone questioning suffering, for anyone battling depression or anyone searching for God in the midst of pain, I highly recommend this sermon.  And also recommend watching Daisy’s memorial service (though keep a box of tissues close by).

Daisy, thank you for your faith and for keeping your eyes on Jesus.  I look forward to meeting you someday and seeing the awesome things you are now experiencing.

Britt, thank you for your transparency and the reminder of the questions we should be asking when faced with difficult circumstances.

And God, thank you for grace.  And for your presence.